Barrow man jailed for cruelty to puppy

A man from Barrow in Furness has been jailed for 80 days for beating a puppy

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Barrow man jailed for cruelty to his puppy

Dudley the young Staffordshire bull terrier was subjected to repeated violence Credit: RSPCA

A man from Barrow in Furness has been given an 80 day prison sentence and been banned from keeping animals for 7 years after being caught on camera beating a puppy.

"Shocking" footage filmed by a neighbour shows Dudley a young Staffordshire bull terrier being repeatedly picked up and thrown across a garden, bounced off a concreted step and having his head trapped in a door.

23 year old Liam Backhouse from Rising Side pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to the puppy by the infliction of physical and mental abuse, blunt force trauma and rough handling.

District judge Gerald Chalk ordered that the Staffordshire bull terrier and a snake owned by Backhouse be seized.

Passing sentence, he told Backhouse: 'The choice to keep a pet is a matter that is entirely voluntary but, once you choose, there are obligations towards the animal and they are obvious when it’s a very young animal

'This is a small puppy that was defenceless. You have shown total disrespect for this animal and have terrorised it.'

The puppy originally called Titan has been renamed Dudley has been in foster care with the RSPCA and has found a new loving home.

Dudley with new owner Chris towler Credit: Amy Welch, ITV Granada Reports
Dudley now recovering with an RSPCA officer Credit: Amy Welch, ITV Granada Reports
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