Manchester United fans stage fly-by protest

A group of supporters have clubbed together to pay for a light aircraft to fly over Old Trafford on Saturday, trailed by a banner that reads "Wrong One - Moyes Out".

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Stars on Twitter discuss the 'Moyes out' banner

Some stars have taken to Twitter to show their disappointment and to show their support for the banners that have flown over Old Trafford today.



Manchester United fans charter plane with 'Moyes out' banner

The 'Moyes out' banner will be flown over Old Trafford on Saturday. Credit: ITV News

ITV News has seen the 'Moyes out' banner set to fly over Old Trafford on Saturday.

A group of angry Manchester United fans have chartered a plane to fly the 'wrong one: Moyes out' banner - which is a reference to the 'chosen one' sign hanging from the top tier of the Stretford End.

A group of angry Manchester United fans chartered a plane. Credit: ITV News

The protest comes after United's disappointing 3-0 loss to local rivals Manchester City at Old Trafford on Tuesday.

Air Ads' chief pilot Chris Mustow, who will not be flying the plane tomorrow, told ITV News:

"We have to ensure we keep the message clean - there's no swear words in there - can't be seen to insult people directly and defamation of character._

This one will be fine - we're not going to cause a riot or anything._

At the end of the day we're employed to do a job and that's what we do."


The plane is scheduled to be flown over the ground for ten minutes before kick-off and then for the first five minutes of the match against Aston Villa.

Meanwhile David Moyes insists he has fan support here

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