Bag of 'severed cats' heads' found in Manchester

Manchester City Council has launched an investigation after it was reported that a bin bag containing severed cats' heads was found on a street in Rusholme.

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Animal lover 'horrified' at grim discovery

James Robinson Credit: MEN Syndication

A horrified animal lover has described the moment he discovered a bin bag filled with severed cats’ heads in a side street. James Robinson, 34, stumbled across a container with the mutilated felines while popping out for a bite to eat on Manchester’s Curry Mile.

Town hall bosses and the RSPCA are now investigating the horrific find. It is believed up to five cats were in the container.

Describing how he came across the remains, the Metrolink engineer said: “I was going out for some food and walking down the side street when I saw a black bin bag filled with something that looked suspicious. “When I opened it I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were about five cats’ heads in there. I can’t get over the shock of it.”

James, who lives with his uncle on Hamilton Lodge, near the scene in Rusholme, has five cats of his own and said he was stunned.

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