Teacher jailed for sexual abuse at catholic school in Altrincham

A church deacon from Hale Barns who sexually abused schoolboys at St Ambrose College in Hale Barns has been jailed.

The Rev Alan Morris, 64, committed the offences at the all-boys Catholic grammar school in Greater Manchester from the early 1970s to the early 1990s.

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Statement from the Diocese of Shrewsbury on jailed church deacon Alan Morris

The offences against minors committed by Alan Morris when he was a teacher at St Ambrose College are a source of great sadness and regret to the Diocese of Shrewsbury.

Our thoughts and our prayers are very much with the innocent victims of the abuse carried out by Morris.

We would like to assure them that the Diocese of Shrewsbury is totally committed to ensuring the safety of all children and vulnerable people in our parishes, schools and institutions.

When in autumn 2012 the Diocese was alerted to allegations against Morris it reported them to the police without hesitation and, acting fully in accordance with nationally-agreed and stringent safeguarding guidelines of the Catholic Church, immediately withdrew Mr Morris from active ministry as a deacon.

None of the offences was committed within the context of that ministry.

– Diocese of Shrewsbury


Statement from St Ambrose College after former teacher is jailed for sexual abuse

St. Ambrose College would like to express its sincere regret for any harm suffered by the individuals concerned.

Those working in education are particularly appalled by any form of child abuse and we find it abhorrent that Mr Morris has been found to have betrayed the trust and responsibility that had been placed in him as a teacher.

The incidents occurred many years ago and we would like to reassure parents, guardians and relatives that we have contemporary child safety policies in place and ensuring our pupils enjoy a happy and secure childhood and adolescence is our absolute priority.

St. Ambrose College cooperated fully with the Police investigation and provided as much assistance as possible and we would like to thank the Police for their diligent and exhaustive approach.

– From the Governors of St. Ambrose College

Exclusive: Former St Ambrose pupil tells of the abuse he suffered at the hands of jailed teacher Alan Morris

In an exclusive report, a boy who was abused by Alan Morris, a former church deacon and teacher at St Ambrose College has told ITV Granada his story.

Alan Morris was convicted earlier this year of 19 offences against 10 boys.

They took place between 1973 and 1990 at Saint Ambrose College.

But his case can only reported now after the end of a second trial at which he was cleared of similar offences.

Former pupil David Nolan withdrew his right to have his evidence heard in court so he could tell his story and follow the first case through the courts.

David tells his story in the hope it will give courage to others.

Teacher jailed for sexually abusing ten boys in Altrincham school

Alan Morris Credit: Greater Manchester Police

The Judge who sentenced retired teacher Alan Morris for sexually abusing ten pupils at St Ambrose College in Altrincham said he had escaped justice for so long because he had ruled with fear.

Judge Timothy Mort said many of the boys believed they had done something wrong - whether that was the case or not - and subsequently did not tell their parents.

He added:

Many families who were devout Catholics felt the teachers could do no wrong.

It is also clear that you calculated by becoming head of discipline you had the respect of the head and with disdain for the governors you were really confident you could act above the law.

It is clear that the victims were telling the truth and it is an interesting observation that during this trial I had cause to mildly rebuke one of them who went up to you and said 'remember the school motto' which loosely translates as 'dedicate your life to the truth'.

It seems at least the pupils were loyal to the motto of their old school."

– Judge Timothy Mort

He said Morris's abuse and breach of trust was of "a shocking degree".

Many of his victims were in court as Morris was emotionless as he was led to the cells.

Alan Morris in school photo from St Ambrose College Credit: David Nolan

Prosecutor Charlotte Crangle said a number of the victims had felt their education had suffered because of the defendant's actions and they had not made the best of their lives.

She added: "The Crown would say three victims have suffered severe psychological harm as a result."

Hugh McKee, representing Morris said that Morris had no previous convictions and had not committed any offences since 1990.

He added there were "positive aspects of his character" with a number of references to the court attesting to his later life as a deacon in "helping others to a very great extent".

The defendant, who had suffered polio, was also not in good health, said Mr McKee.

Judge Mort noted that he accepted Morris had done "a lot of good work" in his parochial duties.


Police ask other pupils who suffered abuse at St Ambrose college to come forward

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