Investigations at scene of warehouse fire in Blackburn

Despite Firefighter's being on strike in the lead up to bonfire night, as many as 8 fire engines helped tackle a huge fire that broke out at a mill in Blackburn last night. Today investigations are still going on into the cause of the fire. It's thought the warehouse was used to store tyres

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Investigations continue into huge fire in Blackburn

The fire broke out during a national fire strike but Lancashire Fire and Rescue say 40 firefighters turned out and they were ready to cope. The strike action is now over ahead of Bonfire night tomorrow night.


Watch - Blackburn fire classed as 'Major Incident'

John Taylor from Lancashire Fire and Rescue told Granada Reports that the scale and intensity of the blaze that started at a Blackburn mill last night meant the fire was treated as a "Major incident".

Fire and Rescue services throughout the country have been on a four day strike in the run up to Bonfire night in a row over pensions.


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