Get your class involved in the Election 2015 School Debate

As the General Election approaches in May, ITV News Granada Reports is working with schools to get young people involved in the political process.

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  1. Natasha Carter, ITV News

Get your class involved in the Election 2015 School Debate

The countdown to the General Election is underway and, with less than 80 days to go, one of the big challenges is getting young people involved in the political process.

That's why ITV News is launching the Election 2015 School debate for years 11 and above.

If your class is doing anything to mark the election - we'd like to see you in action and maybe include you in our programme.

Natasha Carter has more:

Parliament Education Service supports ITV News School debate

The ITV News School Debate. Credit: ITV News.

ITV News Granada Reports is delighted to announce that our recently launched 'Election 2015 School Debate' is now supported by a specially curated selection of resources provided by?Parliament's Education Service.

Parliament’s Education Service works closely with schools and students to inform, engage and empower young people to understand, and get involved in, Parliament, politics and democracy.

Holly Greenland, Parliament's Learning Resources Manager, says "The ITV Regional News 'Election 2015 School Debate' project is a great way to help children build debating skills and engage them with the political process, which is?especially relevant in this General Election year.”

To support this project, Parliament’s Education Service has curated a selection of their relevant films and resources to give schools access to useful information for holding a debate, running a mock election and more.?

Just head to Parliament's Education Service website ( where you'll find all the debate and election resources relevant for your school.


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