Solar eclipse seen across the North West

A near-total eclipse of the sun has been seen in the North West with thousands of people hoping to catch a glimpse of the phenomenon.

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Exclusive: Eclipse helps make young boy's scientific legacy

Schoolchildren across Lancashire have witnessed a wonder of the universe, thanks to a boy who always wanted to help others.

George Higginson, from Overton, was 10 years old when he died in a road accident. The youngster had previously told his parents he wanted to save lives by donating his organs. Five people lived because of him.

He also wanted to bring science to as many people as possible. Today, his parents donated thousands of filtered glasses to schools, so that pupils could safely watch the event.

George Higginson had a passion for science Credit: ITV

The youngster's parents are also raising money to build an observatory, in his name, in a Lancaster park. Supporters say it is among the best places to see the stars through darkened skies.

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Your photos: Partial solar eclipse seen in the North West

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