Stepping Hill nurse Victorino Chua guilty of murder and poisoning patients

Stepping Hill nurse Victorino Chua has been convicted of murdering two patients - Tracey Arden and Derek Weaver - and poisoning dozens of others.

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Victim impact statement

In sentencing Victorino Chua, Mr Justice Openshaw QC described how Grant Misell was left with brain damage after the nurse poisoned him directly.

The court was told Chua flushed his drip with saline contaminated with insulin himself.

He suffered a terrifying hypoglycaemic attack which caused a severe brain injury.

Chua has watched as he was in agony, moaning in pain but did not help him.

In Grant Misell's victim impact statement, he described how his life had been destroyed. He had been an accountant, negotiating multimillion pound deals and now says he can no longer hold down a job stacking shelves.

Families await verdict in Chua case


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CPS: Chua guilty after complex and detailed case

The Crown prosecution Service (CPS) has spoken of the complex nature of the case against nurse Victorino Chua who poisoned saline at Stepping Hill Hospital.

The investigation and prosecution has been an enormous task involving the detailed analysis of thousands of pages of evidence relating to the hospital, its staff and patients, the forensic analysis of medical products and samples, expert medical evidence and many other aspects of what has been a very complex case.

The only possible conclusion from all the evidence is that Victorino Chua, trusted as a nurse to care for sick patients at the hospital, was the person responsible for harming and, in two cases, for killing them.

I would like to thank all the witnesses who gave evidence during the trial, particularly the victims, the relatives of the patients who died and the staff from Stepping Hill Hospital. Above all our thoughts and sympathies go out to all the victims and their families at this time.

– Ben Southam, CPS North West Complex Casework Unit, said:
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Full verdicts of nurse guilty of murdering two patients

Nurse Victorino Chua was convicted of murdering two patients but cleared of a third murder by the jury at Manchester Crown Court, which had been deliberating for 11 days.

Alfred Derek Weaver.

He was found guilty of murdering Tracy Arden, 44, and Alfred Derek Weaver, 83.

He was cleared of murdering Arnold Lancaster, 81, who was suffering from cancer, but convicted of attempting to cause him grievous bodily harm with intent by poisoning.

In all Chua was convicted of two murders, 22 counts of attempted grievous bodily harm, one count of grievous bodily harm, seven attempts of administering poison and one count of administering poison.

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Nurse poisoning case one of GMP's biggest

The investigation into the poisonings and deaths at Stepping Hill Hospital was one of the biggest and most complex launched by Greater Manchester Police (GMP).

Operation Roxburg was a multimillion-pound three-and-a-half-year police investigation, involving 7,700 police actions, 659 witnesses, a 28,100-page prosecution file and 16,000 items of unused evidence material.


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Police: Chua had no regard for his patients

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) praised the CPS and thanked Stepping Hill Hospital after Victorino Chua was found guilty of murdering and poisoning patients.

GMP said it was "incredulous to believe someone in that vocation to be capable of such malevolence."

Victorino Chua Credit: GMP

Hidden in plain sight and using unsuspecting colleagues to carry out his sinister plan, Victorino Chua deliberately poisoned and murdered those who were under his care and those who were at their most vulnerable and most in need of help.

Chua has demonstrated clear narcissistic and psychopathic tendencies and such indiscriminate poisoning is testament to that. He clearly had no regard for his patients and did not give a second thought as to who would be injured or the devastation this would cause them and their families.

It is so far from keeping with the ethos of those employed at the hospital or as health professionals generally that it is incredulous to believe someone in that vocation to be capable of such malevolence.

– Detective Superintendent Simon Barraclough, GMP
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Police apologise to nurse arrested over Stepping Hill deaths

Sir Peter Fahy, chief constable of Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has apologised to nurse Rebecca Leighton, who was initially arrested in the investigation, while Victorino Chua, who has been found guilty today, kept his silence.

Rebecca Leighton Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

We are very sorry that Rebecca Leighton ended up spending some time in prison. It showed to some degree the amount of pressure everyone was under, not just the police, the hospital, Crown Prosecution Service, to try and make progress in the case, and we are sorry this happened.

He was quite happy to stand by while she suffered the consequences.

– Sir Peter Fahy
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Stepping Hill nurse found guilty of two murders

A nurse has been found guilty of two counts of murder by poisoning, and cleared of a third.

49-year-old Victorino Chua was convicted at Manchester Crown Court after 11 days of jury deliberation.

Chua was found to have injected insulin into saline bags and ampoules while working on two wards at Stepping Hill Hospital in June and July 2011.

Stepping Hill hospital in Stockport Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

These were then unwittingly used by other nurses on the ward - leading to a series of insulin overdoses to mainly elderly victims.

After police were called in, Chua was said to have "changed tack" by sabotaging prescription charts, doubling and trebling dosages - some with potentially lethal consequences - leading to his arrest in January 2012.

The Crown said the Filipino father-of-two had decided to take out his personal frustrations on patients "for reasons truly known only to himself".

Among the evidence produced by the prosecution was a self-penned letter found at Chua's home in Stockport after his arrest.

In the letter, described as "the bitter nurse confession" by Chua, the he said he was "an angel turned into an evil person" and "there's a devil in me", who had things he would "take to the grave".

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