Manchester Mayoral Elections 2017

Voters in Greater Manchester will go to the polls to choose the region's first directly-elected mayor on May 4, 2017.

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WATCH: Greater Manchester Metro Mayor candidates go head-to-head in the Granada Reports debate

Tony Morris is at Rochdale Town Hall where he's hosting Granada Reports' Greater Manchester Metro Mayor debate.

Voters put their questions to the candidates on what they would do if they win the election to become Mayor.


Granada Reports Special: Voters put their questions to the Greater Manchester mayoral candidates

Granada Reports' Greater Manchester Mayoral Debate Credit: ITV News.

It's one of the biggest political changes in a generation and it is happening right here in the North West.

Our two biggest regions - Greater Manchester and Merseyside and Halton are on the verge of choosing new Metropolitan Mayors - political leaders who will have big budgets and major influence.

Tonight at 6 o'clock on ITV, a special Granada Reports debate sees voters question the Greater Manchester Mayoral candidates

  1. Ann O'Connor, ITV News

The huge housing challenge facing Greater Manchester's new mayor

The polling booths of Greater Manchester are going to be busy over the next few weeks.

The General Election is due on June 8 but a month before that there's the ballot for the new Metro Mayor.

He or she will hold new powers devolved to the area by the Government.

Included in those powers are controversial plans for building thousands of houses.

Here's Our correspondent Ann O'Connor:

The Candidates for Mayor of Greater Manchester. Credit: ITV News.
  1. Ann O'Connor, ITV News

Could plans for new mayors mean a return to the old days 'on the buses'?

In six weeks, many of us will go to the polls to choose our first ever elected mayor.

The winner will have powers over many parts of everyday life.

In Greater Manchester, those include the transport that keeps the area moving, particularly the hundreds of thousands of journeys made every day by bus.

Ann O'Connor reports:

The Candidates for Mayor of Greater Manchester. Credit: ITV News.


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