Cyber Crime: Protecting Yourself

As part of our series on online fraud and identity theft, we asked experts for their advice on keeping safe on the web.

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Cyber Crime: Victim's young daughter feared hackers would 'come out of the phone to grab her'

A phone seller from Blackburn says his daughter feared hackers would 'come out of the phone to grab her' after his mobile was hijacked.

Munir Ahmed lost thousands of pounds after criminals locked him out of his online account using his phone and spent thousands of pounds. It also gave the hackers access to his email, containing crucial identity documents.


Cyber Crime: Cafe owner urges people to cover up webcams

A cafe owner, tricked out of her life savings by fraudsters through a hacked laptop camera, is urging everyone to cover up their webcams. Jane Caldwell's accounts were emptied of one hundred thousand pounds.

Cyber security advisors say criminals are using malicious software to hack into cameras and watch for information on someone's financial life, even monitoring the screen as they bank online.

  • Rob Smith has the second report in our series on fighting cyber crime.


Cyber Crime: Think twice about sharing, says ID theft victim branded 'a criminal'

A cyber fraud victim from Wirral, who wrongly got a criminal record after a thief stole his identity, has said people must think twice about sharing things online.

Paul Clark's identity was harvested via the web.

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