Inquest of Poppi Worthington

Inquest into the death of Poppi Worthington.

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Poppi Inquest - 'no evidence to suspect toddler was sexually assaulted before death'

An expert witness at the second inquest into the death of Barrow toddler Poppi Worthington has cast doubt on suggestions that she was sexually abused before her death.

The family court had previously implied that Poppi's father Paul may have abused his daughter, something he's always denied.

Elaine Willcox has been at the inquest in Kendal:-

Father of Poppi Worthington refuses to answer questions again at her inquest

The father of Poppi Worthington fought back tears as he again refused to answer questions at an inquest into the toddler's death.

Paul Worthington has been in hiding for two years after a family court judge concluded he probably sexually assaulted 13-month-old Poppi before she died five years ago in hospital in Barrow.

Our correspondent Elaine Willcox has spent the day following the inquest in Kendal.


Father refuses to answer questions about Poppi Worthington at inquest

The father of Poppi Worthington struggled to fight back tears at his daughter's inquest as he continued to refuse to answer questions which he has been warned could incriminate him.

Paul Worthington became increasingly agitated as he was asked about events on the day of Poppi's death. Elaine Willcox reports.


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