Spring into Action: Granada Reports

From running, ice skating, or just watching what we eat, this spring Granada Reports is looking at a range of ways people in the North West can get active and fit.

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We meet the fitness coach to the stars of Corrie

Irene Estry is fitness and wellbeing coach to the stars of Coronation Street .

She's taken part in our series Spring into Action, where we feature people with inspiring fitness stories.

At 78, she's showing no signs of slowing down and says to feel healthier we need to focus more on our emotional wellbeing too.

Teresa McMahon has been along to her studio in Bury to see her in action.

We meet the man who lost 22 stone to find love

Many of us are familiar with the struggle of trying to manage our weight, but for some that struggle can become a losing battle.

As part of our Spring into Action series we meet one man who was so heavy, he couldn't go on holidays abroad and his health was seriously at risk.

Teresa McMahon has this report.


We visit Parkrun to see what all the fuss is about

It's 14 years since one man decided he was going to organise a weekly running event in his local park, free and open to everyone to take part.

Now, more than a million people across the world lace up their running shoes and head out every Saturday to race in a Parkrun.

As part of our series Spring into Action, Teresa McMahon went to her local park in Salford to see just what gets runners out on a weekend.

Instagram star, 85, blogs inspiring diet journey

If you're familiar with photo-sharing social media site Instagram, you'll know that there's no shortage of young, beautiful people flaunting glamorous lifestyles and giving the rest of us tips on healthy living.

So it's great to see the grandad from Lancashire doing so well.

David Cookson's Instagram account has gone viral after his posts on weight-loss and healthy eating were shared across the world.

As part of our new series Spring into Action, our reporter Teresa McMahon went to meet him.

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