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Election results "interesting, to put it mildly" says Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn Credit: ITV

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, has been in Trafford this morning following a disappointing night for Labour. The borough was one of the parties success stories.

The former Tory stronghold was won over by the party last night. It's the first time they've had overall control since 2003.

"Results across the country are interesting, to put it mildly.

"But I also say the swings to Labour in many parts of the country show that we can win seats in a general election, whenever that comes.

"And I'm very pleased with the result here. I'm very pleased with the result just down the road in Telford, where there's been a huge swing to Labour. Seats have been gained there, as seats have been gained in many parts of the south as well as various parts of the north.

"The issues that dominated this election were to some extent Brexit rather than local issues which is what local elections are all about."

– Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn

Local elections: Main parties punished

Credit: ITV

At least five councils across the North West are now under No Overall Control as counting continues in this year's local elections.

Labour took control of Trafford for the first time since 2003.

In Wirral and Bolton, Labour remains the biggest party but have lost their majority. Meanwhile in Stockport, Labour and the Liberal Democrats finished neck-and-neck.

Burnley Council is back in no overall control after seven years of Labour majority - with four seats lost to Independents and Greens.

And the Conservatives have lost control of Pendle in Lancashire.

  • Lunchtime update from political reporter Hannah Miller
  • The Conservatives have lost control of High Peak after opposition parties won at least 25 seats, with three results still to come.
  • They have also lost control of South Ribble Council and no party will be in overall control.
  • Labour is the biggest party in South Ribble after winning 22 seats to the Conservatives' 19, with just two seats still to be declared.
  • Labour looks likely to lose control of Lancaster to no overall control, as it needs to win all 13 remaining seats to reach the threshold of 31



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