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Special Report: How air pollution is cutting life expectancy in Manchester

Manchester has at times the dirtiest, most polluted air in Western Europe and people living in the city could have their lives shortened because of it.

In tests done for Granada Reports, an analyst found pollution levels outside a primary school were three times the maximum limit for airborne toxins. Studies show old-style diesel engines are largely to blame.

Now there are calls for Greater Manchester's mayor to introduce a type of vehicle charging to combat the problem.

Ashley Derricott has this special report.

Take our poll: should Manchester introduce a Congestion Charge?

A new report into air pollution in Manchester has prompted calls for the city to consider introducing a congestion zone.

The Institute for Public Policy Research says the "invisible killer" of air pollution is on a par with London.

But could charging people to bring vehicles into the city be a solution?

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Greater Manchester to get multi-million pound fund to clean up bus exhausts

£3m will be spent cleaning up bus emissions in Greater Manchester Credit: PA

Bus operators in Greater Manchester will receive government funding to help reduce air pollution.

£3m will be spent cutting nitrogen dioxide emissions from buses across the region.

The scheme has been welcomed by metro mayor Andy Burnham but he has warned the funding is "inadequate" for the scale of the problem.