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Permanent memorial dedicated to Alan Henning

Alan Henning

A memorial garden in honour of Alan Henning will be opened is set to be officially opened in his home town. A special ceremony will be held at Eccles Recreation on Tuesday 17 May at 6pm. Alan's wife Barbara will say a few words and there will be prayers.

The aid worker from Salford was killed in Syria in 2014 by ISIS.

The Alan Henning Memorial Garden design is based upon a clock face. The colour yellow was chosen to show the love, support to Alan Henning and his family that emerged in and around the communities of Eccles and Salford.

Yellow ribbons emerged in the town following his death Credit: ITV

This is an open invitation to the community to join Alan’s family in the official opening of the Memorial Garden.

“It is a place where people can reflect and think about him and a fitting tribute to a true son of Salford”.

– City Mayor Paul Dennett
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Families of hostages killed in Syria 'told about Emwazi strike'

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said families were told before the Emwazi strike was announced publically Credit: .

The White House have said the families of hostages killed in Syria were contacted about the strike which is believed to have killed Mohammed Emwazi before reports of it were made public.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said:

I can confirm that a number of families of hostages who have been killed in Syria were contacted in advance of public reports to let them know that this operation had taken place.

– Josh Earnest
  1. Sarah Rogers, ITV News

The horrific moment for Alan Henning's daughter when she found out her father was dead

Lucy Henning, the daughter of murdered Salford aid worker Alan, has been telling how she found out about her father's death on the internet.

Lucy, who's 18, gave an exclusive interview to ITV's Jeremy Kyle show. It was the first time she's spoken of her dad's murder.

This report from Sarah Rogers:


  1. Matt O'Donoghue, ITV News

Special Report: Alan Henning's family welcome the airstrike against 'Jihadi John'

Friends and family of the murdered aid worker Alan Henning have been reacting to reports that the man believed to have killed him - the Isis fighter known as Jihadi John - has died in an American air strike.

A video showing Alan's murder appeared on the internet just over a year ago.

But other people who knew Alan said they would have preferred Jihadi John, otherwise known as Mohammed Emwazi, to have been taken alive.

From Alan Henning's home town of Eccles in Salford, our correspondent Matt O'Donoghue reports:

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Emwazi's death 'doesn’t change anything', say victim's parents

US journalist Steven Sotloff was captured in Syria in August 2013 and beheaded by Emwazi Credit: ITV News

The parents of beheaded American journalist Steven Sotloff have said the reported death of their son's killer Mohammed Emwazi "doesn’t change anything".

Art and Shirley Sotloff said in a statement that action against the Islamic State militant was "too little too late" as their son was "never coming back".

This development doesn’t change anything for us; it’s too little too late. Our son is never coming back.

More importantly, today, we remember Steven’s remarkable life, his contributions and those of James Foley, Abdul-Rahman Peter Kassig, Kayla Mueller, David Haines, Alan Henning, Kenji Goto, and everyone else who has suffered at the hands of ISIS.

– Art and Shirley Sotloff
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Foley family: Death of Jihadi John is only a 'small solace'

Journalist James Foley was one of Jihadi John's victims Credit: REUTERS/Louafi Larbi

The family of 'Jihadi John' victim James Foley have said news that their son's killer is believed to have died in a US-led drone attack brings them "very small solace" as "his death does not bring Jim back".

The murdered journalist's parents John and Diane Foley said:

It is a very small solace to learn that Jihadi John may have been killed by the U.S. government.

His death does not bring Jim back. If only so much effort had been given to finding and rescuing Jim and the other hostages who were subsequently murdered by ISIS, they might be alive today.

Our focus is on Jim’s life and all the good that he did in the world. We remain humble and proud of his unwavering commitment to give voice to the voiceless as a journalist, a teacher and a friend.

– John and Diane Foley
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US Official: 'Jihadi John' in a car with his driver when hit

Colonel Steve Warren briefed the press on a US led airstrike that is believed to have killed 'Jihadi John' Credit: .

The Islamic State militant known as "Jihadi John", who is believed to have been killed in a US-led airstrike, was targeted as he traveled in a car with his driver, a military official has confirmed.

Colonel Steve Warren told a press conference "they were in a car".

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