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Bez's bed-in to fight fracking

John Lennon and Yoko Ono's famous bed-ins in the Sixties saw the couple try and bring an end to the Vietnam War and since then there've been other bed-ins for worthy causes. Now one it's the turn of the Happy Mondays star Bez to spend a week in bed to support those fighting fracking in Lancashire. Tim Scott grabbed brought us this report:

Unhappy Monday for Bez as his political party is deregistered

Happy Monday's star Bez Credit: ITV Granada Reports

Former Happy Mondays star Mark Berry's political career might have already ended before it even had chance to begin. Bez, the band's man on the maracas launched bid on Monday to become the MP for Salford with The Reality Party. He spoke to the press about his anti-fracking, anti-privatisation plans as his face was plastered onto a billboard in the city. But, unbeknown to him his Westminster career had already ended before his revolution got off the ground.

According to the The Independent Bez forgot to actually register the party with the Electoral Commission. They claim he was given a deadline of 12th January but he didn't get back to them, meaning The Reality Party was deregistered on it's own launch day.

The newspaper reports that the Electoral Commission contacted the party twice last year about changing their name as it is similar to one already registered by the 'Realists' Party.' But they did not submit an alternative so was removed from the register of political partied. A spokesman said they were investigating the 'administrative error.'


Bez launches his bid to become Salford's MP

Bez launched his bid to become Salford's MP Credit: ITV NEWS

Former Happy Mondays star Bez launched his campaign to get into parliament today.

In a first for the Reality Party his face was plastered onto a billboard in Salford.

Bez, his real name Mark Berry, is the leader of the Reality Party and will be standing for the Salford and Eccles seat come the general election in May.

His party will be running on an anti-fracking and anti-privatisation ticket, hoping to unseat Labour in one of it's strongholds.

Happy Mondays star Bez to stand for election as MP for Salford

Bez is best known as the dancer with the Happy Mondays Credit: PA Wire

The Happy Mondays star Bez has announced he will run for MP of Salford at next year's General Election.

The 2005 Celebrity Big Brother winner plans to stand on a platform of ending war, cancer and evil.

Bez said he wanted to "stir things up" in the battle to succeed former Labour Cabinet minister Hazel Blears but his manifesto is not finished yet.

“I’m in the midst of writing it up," he said. “I’ve got lots of meetings with different people next week.”