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Tribute to Hillsborough victim Brian Matthews - the 'Simon Cowell of his day'

Brian Christopher Matthews

The final pen portrait gave more information about Brian Matthews, aged 38, from Liverpool.

This time, his sisters took to the witness box.

Younger sibling Debbie said: "Brian was the first born not only to our parents Dora and Albert Matthews, but also into our mother’s entire family.

"In the early 60s, Brian was chosen as altar boy as he and our family were held in high regard by the priest of our parish church, where he served for many years.'

"Throughout his life, Brian never ceased to study and better himself."

The court heard he was being lined up to apply for Oxford or Cambridge."It was solely due to financial circumstances and being from a working-class family and certainly not aptitude which prevented Brian from attending either of these universities."

After starting work, he moved to Clitheroe in Lancashire where he became somewhat of a personality in the town due to his charismatic personality.

''His celebrity status continued as he was a staunch sponsor of the St Helens Show which has discovered several west end and TV stars. He was the Simon Cowell of his day, being one of the main judges of the competition.

''After his death, the Brian Matthews memorial trophy was established in his honour."

He was chairman of the local Help the Aged, supported the RNLI and would collect toys for deprived local children and dress up as Santa Claus a children’s parties."Brian, or Brains as he was affectionately known, had many talents. He had the ability to converse with anybody from any walk of life.''