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Shafilea sister in court

The younger sister of Shafilea Ahmed has denied that she made silent phone calls to intimidate a potential witness at the trial of her parents.

But under cross examination at Chester Crown Court, Mevish Ahmed said the phone calls, which were made to a friend last week, were all a joke.

Miss Ahmed's parents - Iftikhar and Farzana Ahmed - both deny murdering Shafilea in 2003.

Correspondent Elaine Willcox has been following the case at Chester Crown Court.

Second sister gives evidence

A second sister has been giving evidence in the Shafilea Ahmed murder trial.

The court heard claims that Mevish Ahmed had written to a friend saying her parents had killed her sister and wondering if it was her turn next. But under cross examination she said what she had written had been fiction.

Mevish was 12 at the time of her sister's death in 2003.Her parents Iftikar and Fazana Ahmed deny murdering Shafilea at their home in Warrington.Ann O'Connor has been at Chester Crown Court.

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