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  1. Luke McDowell, ITV News

New drone owners urged to read rules before unwrapping and flying

New drone owners are urged to read the 'Dronecode' Credit: PA

New drone owners have been warned about the risk of flying the devices after they unwrap them this Christmas.

If anyone is caught flying drones dangerously they can face an unlimited fine and up to five years' imprisonment.

The Government announced plans last week to introduce new measures that will crackdown on reckless users.

This comes after a drone had a near miss with a Boeing 767 aircraft approaching Manchester Airport earlier this month. The drone was said to have been so close it must have passed over the right wing of the plane.

Pilots and police are encouraging people to look at the Civil Aviation Authority's 'Dronecode', and educate themselves before flying the machines.

Government announces crackdown on drones, after several near misses at UK airports Credit: PA

Pilots call for action on drones after near miss at airport

A drone was flown at "exactly the level of the flight deck window" of a Boeing 767 aircraft approaching Manchester Airport. The sharp-edged bright yellow drone with a width of 60cm was said to have been so close it must have passed over the right wing in the incident in July. The details are contained in a report by the UK Airprox Board (UKAB).

Pilots want more regulation of drones Credit: PA Images

It was one of three near misses involving drones in the report, all were assessed as having the most serious degree of risk. None of the operators were found. Pilots' union Balpa has called for better education for drone users and compulsory registration of the devices. They want tests to be carried out to discover what would happen if a drone hit a passenger jet, amid fears it could result in an uncontrolled engine failure or a smashed cockpit windscreen.

"Flying a drone in an irresponsible manner puts lives in danger and any offending drone should transmit enough data to allow the police to locate the operator.

"If they have endangered an aircraft we would like to see the culprit prosecuted."

– Flight safety specialist Steve Landells