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PMA warnings over Ellie Jones' death

Toxicology tests have shown that 16 year old Ellie Jones had the amphetamine PMA in her system when she died last weekend. In al there have been four deaths across Cheshire linked to the drug this year.

"Ellie’s death last weekend shocked everyone and now we have the initial toxicology results back indicating she had taken PMA. We have a duty to warn people about the potentially fatal consequences taking this drug can have and would urge people to obtain urgent medical assistance on behalf of anyone suspected to have taken PMA who suffers difficulty breathing, muscle spasms, nausea or starts to vomit...we are working together with our partners in health, colleges,schools and drug agencies to get warnings out to as many people as possible."

– Superintendent Martin Cleworth, Cheshire Police

"Drugs have a big effect on people’s health and wellbeing and so we would strongly advise not to take any illegal drugs or "legal highs", as they all come with great risk.

– Cathy Fitzgerald, Warrington’s Drug and Alcohol Action Team

Police warn of drugs danger after teenager's death

Ellie Jones had PMA in her system Credit: Cheshire Police

Police are warning of the potentially fatal effects of PMA after a teenager's death. 16 year old Ellie Jones was found dead at a house in Warrington last weekend. Tests have shown she had the amphetamine in her system. There have been three other fatalities across Cheshire which are linked to PMA.