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Chester zoo welcomes new arrival: tiny deer 'the size of a Christmas bauble'

Credit: Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo is celebrating a UK first, with the arrival of a tiny deer with a body about the size of a Christmas bauble.

The female Philippine mouse deer has been born to parents Rita and Ramos.

Our newborn deer is incredibly small - similar in size to a Christmas bauble on tiny little legs, weighing just 430 grams.

But, while this new arrival may be small in stature, it's big in terms of importance.

It's the very first time the animal has been bred in the UK and to break new ground like this with a mammal species is really quite rare.

The Philippine mouse deer is an endangered species.

It's highly threatened by massive deforestation in South East Asia and so it's great news that our newcomer will add valuable new bloodlines to the conservation breeding programme in zoos. It's vitally important that we work to ensure these wonderful animals do not disappear for good.

– Tim Rowlands, Chester Zoo


Baby lemur is zoo first

New arrival at Chester Zoo

A lemur from a species threatened with extinction has been born at Chester Zoo.

It's the first of its kind to be born there and zoo keepers are still unsure of its sex.

In the wild it's only found at a lake in Madagascar and its natural habitat is being destroyed. Only 2,500 are thought to remain there.

Curator of mammals, Tim Rowlands, said: "Both mum and dad are doing a great job of bringing up their new charge. Mum is super protective and dad is also pulling his weight - he occasionally helps to do some of the carrying.

"This is a critically endangered species. They face a very real threat of extinction in the wild and this is the first time the species has ever bred at Chester Zoo."