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Muslim youth group help look after 'Red Rose Forest'

Everyone here is amazed at the thought that the trees we are planting will one day become a part of our beautiful local landscape.

Islam places great emphasis on taking care of the environment and particularly on the planting of trees.

We will certainly be encouraging our members to continue supporting the fantastic work being done by the Red Rose Forest team in the future.

– Abdul Rauf Lodhi, an AMYA youth leader


Volunteers restore nature reserve

Volunteers have been helping with an ambitious project to protect wildlife and ease access for visitors at a Blackburn nature reserve.

Lancashire Wildlife Trust has been running weekly sessions at the River Darwen Parkway in Blackburn since last month where volunteers have been carrying out coppicing work in the reserve's dense planted woodland.

The project also aims to involve young people from local high schools, who will be able to gain qualifications.

It is fantastic to see local people donating their time and effort to help with the project. The work will help us protect and conserve some of the most threatened species in the area, and encourage more people to enjoy the reserve.

– Kim Coverdale, Lancashire Wildlife Trust

Electric taxi driver to charge car with solar panels

I chose to go electric due to the increasing fuel costs and wanted to play my part in reducing carbon emissions.

Given the mileage I cover as a taxi driver, it was becoming increasingly expensive to fill up at the pumps.

My vehicle is charged using solar panels installed at my house, so as well as saving money, I am also doing my bit for the environment!

I would encourage other taxi drivers to go electric.

– Electric taxi owner, George Price

Knowsley Council hope for more electric taxis

This is a great opportunity for the borough and I hope further taxi and private hire providers may look to broaden their fleet with electric cars.

This supports the council's commitment to reducing carbon emissions and to supporting Knowsley residents in reducing carbon emissions in their community.

– Cllr Thomas Grierson, Chairman of the Licensing Committee
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