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'Terrorised by fireworks' - residents call for a change in law over the sale

There are calls for the laws around selling fireworks to be tightened up with residents in one part of our region telling us they feel terrorised and under siege.

Shocking images filmed by our viewers show youths firing rockets at cars, houses, even each other.

The law says it's illegal to sell to anyone who isn't at least 18 years old, but an ITV Granada Reports investigation has raised concerns about whether shopkeepers are doing enough to prevent underage sales.

So, how easy is it for someone under 18 to buy fireworks?

An ITV Granada Reports investigation captures the footage of shopkeepers trying to sell fireworks to someone who's underage without questions.

'I wasn't asked for ID': ITV Granada Reports investigation finds shopkeepers willing to sell fireworks to underage youth

ITV Granada Reports has raised concerns about whether enough is being done to prevent underage firework sales. It follows a special investigation by Matt O'Donoghue and Anna Youssef which uncovered shopkeepers willing to sell goods to a 16-year-old girl, without asking for ID.

In the same report, members of one community say they feel terrorised and under siege by the actions of some youths who posses fireworks.


Councillor speaks after firework accident involving children

Neighbours of a ten year old boy from Nelson who was injured in a firework accident say he's undergone surgery this afternoon.

The boy was playing with friends on this patch of wasteland at the bottom of Albert Street in the town when it's believed a firework exploded in his face.

He was taken to Alderhey Hospital in Liverpool by air ambulance for treatment.

Three others who were also hurt in the blast are said to be recovering at home. Councillor Wayne Blackburn from Pendle Borough Council spoke to Matt O'Donoghue:

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