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Fracking resumes in Lancashire after 18 hour suspension

Credit: ITV Granada

Fracking has resumed again in Lancashire after a minor earthquake on Tuesday led to an 18 hour suspension.

Energy firm Cuadrilla halted the work at the Preston New Road site in line with regulations. But they say the micro-seismic event measuring 1.1 magnitude was below anything that would cause damage or harm.

Two smaller tremors affected the site last week.

Anti-fracking campaigners argue the process, to extract shale gas, poses risks to the environment.

According to the BGS, earthquakes with magnitude of less than two are not usually felt and, if they are, it is only by people very close to the earthquake.

13th earthquake recorded at fracking site - 'strongest so far'

Fracking has once again been halted at Cuadrilla's site in Lancashire after yet another earthquake was recorded in Blackpool this morning.

Its the thirteenth tremor since fracking began last Monday and the biggest so far.

Its been classed as a ''red event' and the energy company has paused operations for at least the next 18 hours as monitoring continues.

Adam McClean reports from the Preston New Road site.

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