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Teen jailed after 'torturing' girlfriend to death

Adam Lewis Credit: Merseyside Police

A teenager from Wirral who tortured and murdered his girlfriend has been ailed for 22 years..

Hannah Windsor, 17, was tied to a tree, sexually assaulted, strangled and attacked with a knife by Adam Lewis, Liverpool Crown Court heard.

Lewis, 18, of Fairmead Road, Moreton, had denied murdering Miss Windsor but changed his plea to guilty shortly before his trial was due to begin on Monday.

Adam Lewis to be sentenced for murdering girlfriend

Adam Lewis stabbed and strangled 17-year-old Hannah Windsor. Credit: Merseyside Police

The boyfriend of a college student will be sentenced today for murdering her in what was described as a torturous attack.

Adam Lewis stabbed and strangled 17-year-old Hannah Windsor. Her body was found buried in undergrowth at Bidston Hill - a beauty spot on the Wirral.


Teenager pleads guilty to murdering girlfriend

Hannah Windsor

An 18 year old man from Wirral has changed his plea and admitted killing his girlfriend minutes before his trial for the murder was about to start.

Hannah Windsor from Bikenhead was found stabbed and strangled in the undergrowth on Bidston Hill in May.

Adam Lewis from Moreton, had previously admitted manslaughter but today changed his plea to guilty at Liverpool Crown Court. He also admitted two counts of assault by penetration.

It's thought Lewis will be sentenced next week.