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Concrete slab ripped off Manchester building in strong winds

Debris after concrete cladding crashed into empty seating area Credit: Tom Booth

A large slab of concrete cladding was ripped off the front of a Manchester building by strong winds this afternoon.

It came crashing to the ground in Stevenson Square, smashing some of the tables in a seating area, outside cafes Chai Latte and Slice Pizzeria, which was thankfully empty at the time.

Fortunately, no-one was injured by the falling debris.

A member of staff from the Eastern Bloc record shop, next door to the building, said:

“I was inside the shop when I heard a massive crash.

“Some of the tables were completely destroyed. One girl was walking past. When I saw her she was on the other side of the road, she looked shaken up."


Chester Zoo closed early due to high winds caused by Storm Ophelia

Large branch brought down on a pathway at Chester Zoo Credit: Julia Jones

Chester Zoo closed early today due to extremely high winds, which brought a large branch down on its site.

The zoo apologised for any inconvenience caused but said visitor safety and the welfare of the animals was our 'absolute priority'.

Grandmother Julia Jones from Stockport said she'd walked along the path with her grandchildren in pushchairs seconds before the branch fell.

She said staff who handled the situation calmly and professionally.

Chester Zoo said given the forecast their keepers were prepared for the change in the weather and all the animals were 'safe and sound'.

The zoo says it expects to open as usual tomorrow