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John Lennon long-lost letter inspires Hollywood film

A long-lost letter John Lennon wrote to folk singer Steve Tilston has inspired a Hollywood film starring Al Pacino.

The letter John Lennon wrote to Steve Tilston Credit: ITV Granada

Steve Tilston started out in the music scene in Liverpool in the 1970s at the time when the Beatle legend was making a name for himself as a world star, penning hits such as Imagine.

But Lennon still made time to write a personal letter to Tilston with his phone number on it, but Steve never actually received this letter until 10 years ago.

  1. Tim Scott, ITV News

Lennon's 'House of Sin' up for sale in Liverpool

The three-bedroom-semi in Liverpool, once owned by John Lennon's mother, and dubbed the House of Sin by his aunt, is going up for auction.

The Beatle's mother Julia lived at Number One, Blomfield Road in Allerton.

And although Lennon lived mostly with his Aunt Mimi nearby, he was a frequent visitor there as a boy.

It's due to go under the hammer next month. Tim Scott's been to have a look around:


Beatle's terraced home sold for £156,000

The childhood terraced home in Liverpool of the late Beatles guitarist George Harrison has sold at auction Credit: PA

The childhood terraced home in Liverpool of the late Beatles guitarist George Harrison has sold at auction for £156,000.

The property, at 25 Upton Green in the Speke area, was the musician's home for a decade from 1949 after his parents Harold and Louise moved in following an 18-year spell on the council house waiting list.

The three-bedroom home was sold at the city's Cavern Club by Countrywide Property Auctions, which last year famously auctioned the house of another Beatle - John Lennon.

Childhood homes of Lennon and Sir Paul McCartney at Mendips and 20 Forthlin Road in Liverpool have been acquired by the National Trust for fans to visit.

Earlier this year another auction at the Cavern Club saw the sale of one of the band's earliest know photos playing at the legendary club.

The Liverpool terraced house sold at auction for £156,000. Credit: PA

John Lennon detention sheets sell at auction

Detention papers Credit: PA

A pair of detention slips from John Lennon's old school have told for eight and a half thousand pounds each at auction. The papers from Quarry bank high revealed he'd received three detentions in one day.

Reasons for punishment given by his teachers include "sabotage", "fighting in class", "nuisance", "shoving" and "just no interest whatsoever"..

The sheets cover the periods when he was in Class 3B between May 19 and June 23 1955, and in Class 4C from November 25 1955 to February 13, 1956.

Both fetched bids of £8,437 in an online auction held by Lancashire-based firm yesterday.

A fully signed copy of the band's The White Album was also sold for £136,800 - more than £50,000 above its estimated sale price - while a pair of cufflinks owned by Lennon sold for 310.937.

John Lennon detention sheets up for auction

John Lennon report cards Credit: PA

A pair of John Lennon's detention sheets from Quarry Bank High School in 1955/56, Allerton will go up for on auction later this month. They're expected to fetch up to £3,000.

A few of the comments used to describe the Beatles legend included, ‘Idleness’, ‘Nuisance’, ‘Misconduct’, ‘Silliness’, ‘Shoving’ and ‘Just No Interest Whatsoever.’ On some occasions he managed to receive three detentions in one day.

John spoke candidly in 1968 about his first day at the grammar school in ‘The Beatles’, the group’s official biography by Hunter Davies. Hunter then wrote:

“John has a clear image of his first day at Quarry. ‘I looked at all the hundreds of new kids and thought, Christ, I’ll have to fight all my way through this lot, having just made it at Dovedale’."

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