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IoM lifeboat rescues three people stranded on cruiser

Peel lifeboat 'Ruby Clery' Credit: RNLI

Three people have been rescued from a boat stranded off the coast of the Isle of Man.

Peel RNLI’s lifeboat was launched by Belfast Coastguard on Sunday evening to help three people stranded on a broken-down boat four miles North West of Peel.

The stranded cruiser had experienced total electrical failure. A towline was established between the stranded vessel and the lifeboat and was towed safely back to Peel Harbour and secured by 12.05am.


Manx lifeboat crews rescue stricken boat

Lifeboat crews from the Isle of Man have rescued two men after their dingy broke down in the Irish Sea.

The men were returning to Ireland after visiting the Manx TT races when their engine failed.

The Peel Lifeboat, which was taking part in an exercise in the area, had to tow the stricken vessel 15 miles back to safety.