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Our Paul Crone was in Macclesfield today at their annual pancake race

Macclesfield's annual pancake race happened today Credit: ITV

It's Shrove Tuesday today and people across the region will be tucking into their pancakes later on.

But in Macclesfield they like their pancakes a little racier.

This morning the town held it's annual pancake race to raise money for charity.

The course proved rather tricky for some who came unstuck on the town centre cobbles - but all the money raised will go to the East Cheshire NHS trust charity Echo

Watch Paul Crone's report on Granada Reports at 6pm tonight.

Macclesfield's annual pancake race happened today Credit: ITV


Major incident in Cheshire following 'blast' at wood plant near Congleton

Map shows Tunstall Road, Bosley.

There are reports of a fire following an explosion at a wood treatment works in Bosley, near Macclesfield.

Fire crews and ambulances are at the scene on Tunstall Road.

Cheshire Police said four people are thought to be trapped.

“There is currently a lot of smoke emanating from the building and it is advised that residents living in the area should close their doors and windows.

"It is also advised to avoid the area while we deal with this incident.”

– Chief Inspector Paul Carroll, Cheshire Police


Parklife victim's girlfriend speaks of her heartache facing Christmas without him

Robert Hart and his girlfriend Gemma Parry Credit: ITV Granada

The girlfriend of Robert Hart killed at the Parklife Music Festival six months ago has issued a fresh appeal to find his killer.

Gemma Parry, who was with him when he was attacked says she can't bear to think of his killer enjoying Christmas.

Here's Gemma's statement in full.

"As Christmas Day creeps closer, the more I am reminded of what is missing in my life.

Every Christmas advert, every celebration I see, deepens the sense of loss and heartache that Bobby's death has caused.

It is absolutely heart-breaking to imagine what Christmas will be like without Bobby, a time which should be filled with his beaming smile, jokes, laughter, warmth and love.

He was my northern star and at Christmas, as with the rest of the year, his presence in the midst of the fun and celebration will be sorely missed.

That is also true of New Year, a night when we should be celebrating and raising a glass to our bright, exciting future together.

What really hurts is the fact that the man who attacked my beautiful, kind and selfless partner, the man who took his future away, will get to enjoy his Christmas and New Year with loved ones and friends.

Could he possibly have a conscience? I cannot imagine that he does.

This Christmas, Bobby won't get to enjoy himself and smile. And neither will I."

  1. Elaine Willcox, ITV News

Exclusive: Police say they're 'just a CCTV frame away' from identifying the Parklife festival killer of Robert Hart

Robert Hart.

Detectives say they are just one frame away from indentifying Robert Hart's killer at the Parklife music festival.

It's six months since the 26-year-old from Macclesfield was punched to the ground near the main stage.

Granada Reports has been given exclusive access to the police incident room.

Officers say film footage from the phone of a Granada Reports viewer has helped pin point where the attack took place.

Our correspondent Elaine Willcox with the latest on this unsolved murder:

Jamie Donaldson: Ryder Cup success 'not sunk in yet'

Macclesfield golfer Jamie Donaldson hit the winning shot to win the Ryder Cup for Europe on Sunday.

Jamie's now back home in Cheshire, and in between a lot of understandable celebrating, he took time out to chat to ITV News.

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