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WATCH: Flood-hit residents in Cumbria launch Christmas single in bid to pay for property damages

Millom Credit: ITV Granada

Residents from a town in Cumbria have released a video to raise funds to repair flood damage at their properties eight weeks ago.

Home owners in Millom have produced their own version of a Slade classic because they feel forgotten by the Government. It's emerged not enough properties in the area were affected for them to qualify for state aid.


  1. Victoria Grimes, ITV News

MIllom kids' plea for new doctors is answered

A group of children who made a video to attract a GP to Millom are celebrating after it brought three new doctors to their village.

They put the short film together after a struggle to fill the post.

Villagers had faced the prospect of closing their local practice and hospital - but thanks to a unique partnership with their local NHS Trust, they're getting the services they say they need.

Victoria Grimes has the story:

Kids campaign attracts doctors to their village

Credit: ITV Granada News

A video appeal by school children to attract a GP to Millom has helped to get three doctors to their village.

The enterprising youngsters put the short film together after a struggle to fill the post.

Villagers had faced the prospect of closing their local practice and hospital.

Dr Lois Hunter has been doing her GP training at Millom Surgery.

She likes it so much she's decided to stay on and will be one of three new GPs to work in the town.

Millom killer has sentence increased

A man who killed his mother and sister in an axe attack at their home last year has had his sentence lengthened.

The Court of Appeal has today increased the minimum 6 year life sentence to 13 years and 4 months for John Jenkin for the killings in June 2013.

John Jenkin had tried to drown himself two days before the killings.

The court heard that John Jenkin lived with his mother in Millom, Cumbria and was taken to hospital after trying to commit suicide in June last year.

After he'd been released home, his sister came to stay for the weekend.

Two days later, he killed his mother with an axe he had in his room.

When his sister discovered what he had done he killed her with the same weapon.

He also attacked and killed his dog.

Cordoned-off street in Millom at the time of the murders.
Katie Jenkin killed by her brother in Millom.

After the judgment, which was handed down today, the Solicitor General, Oliver Heald, QC MP, who referred the sentence, said:

“This was a truly tragic case, and my heartfelt sympathies go to the family of Alice McMeekin and Kathryn Jenkin, who lost their lives in this senseless attack.

“I asked the Court of Appeal to look again at this sentence as I felt the adjusted term of 6 years failed to reflect the seriousness of these crimes and dreadful impact the killings had.

I hope the increased minimum term of 13 years and 4 months in some way offers comfort and reassuring the public.”


Cumbria NHS Trust says a review will ensure lessons are learnt from tragic case

The Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust confirmed that their liaison service had seen John Jenkin before he killed Alice McKeekin and Katie Jenkin in Millom.

In a statement they said:

''The assessment conducted was thorough and steps taken were appropriate to the assessed needs at that time. We have conducted an internal review and will contribute to the domestic homicide review to ensure all agencies learn what lessons they can from this very tragic case."

A man with schizophrenia who killed his mother and sister has been jailed for life.

A man with schizophrenia who killed his mother and sister two days after he was released from a mental health unit has been jailed for life, to serve a minimum of twelve years.

Twenty-four year old John Jenkin had tried to drown himself in a river two days before he attacked his mother Alice McMeekin and sister Kathryn Jenkin with an axe at their home in Millom in Cumbria.

Preston Crown Court heard Jenkin was suffering from a schizophrenic disorder at the time of the offences last June.

He's to serve his sentence at Ashworth Secure Hospital on Merseyside.

Axe killer discharged two days before tragedy

A man who killed his mother and sister with an axe was discharged from a psychiatric unit after a suicide attempt days earlier, a court heard.

John Jenkin admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.The bodies of Alice McMeekin and Katie Jenkin, 20, were found in Newton Street.

Mr Tony Cross QC, prosecuting, said two days earlier Jenkin tried to commit suicide. He took drugs, and tried to slash his wrists and was taken to the Dane Garth mental health unit in Barrow-in-Furness.

A psychiatric nurse said he had ‘a medium risk of worthlessness and a risk of the detrimental effects of drug misuse but no other mental health problems were noted.’

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