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Album: National Television Awards

Sarah Rogers will have a special report on the NTAs in Thursday's Granada Reports.

Julie Hesmondhalgh "Hayley Cropper" from Coronation Street Credit: Sarah Rogers, ITV Granada
All aboard the Eastenders Express ! Credit: Sarah Rogers, ITV Granada
Crowds turn out to see the stars on the red carpet Credit: Sarah Rogers, ITV Granada
Stars posing for photos Credit: Sarah Rogers, ITV Granada


'Tyrone' pays tribute to 'Jack Duckworth'

Speaking backstage, Halsall paid tribute to Bill Tarmey, saying the actor would be looking down on him tonight.

He said: "I'm sure he is. He'll be having a pint of Guinness for me. His wife asked me to wear his watch tonight so I've got it on.

This is for him, he guided me literally from the start of my career at Coronation Street, he was such a huge, huge influence on my life like a second dad on screen.

"He'd be laughing at this right now, he used to say, 'none of that bloody acting'."