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The return of the sky dancers

Five hen harrier chicks have successfully fledged on National Trust land in the Upper Derwent Valley - the first time hen harriers have bred successfully in the Peak District for eight years.

Credit: T Birch, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

Hen harriers have been at serious threat in England for more than sixty years with numbers plummeting primarily due to illegal persecution. Last year, just two breeding pairs were reported in the country and no young fledged for the first time in over 50 years. These new additions are the result of numerous groups working together to protect birds of prey and restore them to High Peak.

Hen Harriers are known as sky dancers because of their aerobatic mating routine Credit: Dave Simmonite

Hoard of Roman coins found in Peak District cave

The precious coins were found in a cave.

A precious hoard of Roman and Late Iron Age coins has been discovered in a cave near Buxton where they have lain undisturbed for more than 2,000 years.

The treasure trove was initially unearthed by a member of the public, who stumbled across four coins in the cavern in Dovedale in the Peak District, sparking a full-scale excavation of the site.

The Dovedale caverns. Credit: PA

Experts say the find is highly unusual as it is the first time coins from these two separate civilisations have been buried together.

And the setting itself adds to the mystery surrounding the discovery, as while Roman coins have often been found in fields, this is understood to be the first time they have been unearthed in a cave.

Archaeologists discovered twenty six coins, including three Roman coins which pre-date the invasion of Britain in AD 43, and 20 other gold and silver pieces which are Late Iron Age and thought to belong to the Corieltavi tribe.

The coins are now in the possession of the British Museum. Credit: ITV News

National Trust archaeologist Rachael Hall said whoever owned the cache, which has been declared as "treasure" by the authorities, was probably a wealthy and influential figure.