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Good news for drivers: £45 million a year for potholes

Growing menace of potholes Credit: PA

The government's pledged more than 600 million pounds to improve local roads in the north west over the next seven years.

The money, which amounts to around 45 million pounds a year, will go towards fixing 800,000 potholes in the region.

Roads play a significant part in everyday life. Poorly maintained roads, blighted by potholes, are a menace to all road users, particularly during the festive period as people travel to see family and friends. It is vital we have good quality roads. This huge investment is part of our long term economic plan to ensure we have a transport network fit for the 21st century.

– Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin

Pothole payout for 'model' councils

England's "model" councils will get a greater share of a multi-million pound fund being set aside to repair the country's potholes. Around £18m will be spent in the North West as part of the biggest investment in roads since the 1970s.

In total The Government has set aside £168 million to mend the nation's broken roads. Each council will get a share, but extra will be given to those which demonstrate "best practice in highways maintenance", including bringing in specialist machinery or setting up dedicated repair teams.

Among these, Lancashire council will receive £4.9 million. Councils will also have to publish updates on works every three months so residents can see how repairs are progressing, and all work has to be completed by March 2015.

"Potholes are the bane of all our lives and the funding announced today is an important step in ridding our roads of this menace. But it is only one part of a massive programme of investment to get our country up to speed as part of this government's long term economic plan. By building, repairing and renewing our key infrastructure we will ensure the future growth and prosperity of this country."

– Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughli