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  1. Andy Bonner

Sea Odyssey "giants" to visit community

Three "giants" are to walk through Liverpool in the city's biggest ever piece of street theatre.

Thousands are expected to watch Sea Odyssey from 20-22 April.

It will tell the story of a girl trying to find out about her father who died on the Titanic.

She'll be joined by her 50ft-tall uncle and dog.

"It's been a big legacy of 2008. Lots of our cultural organisations already work in different communities right across the city. But we've got some fantastic parks in north Liverpool and we've got some fantastic vantage points of the city - at Everton Brow you get the best views. I just think it's going to be something people will really remember."

– Cllr Wendy Simon, Cabinet Member for Culture and Tourism, Liverpool City Council


Director speaks of his hopes for Liverpool's Sea Odyssey giant spectacular

Director of French theatre troupe Royal de Luxe Jean-Luc Courcoult Credit: ITV Granada

Two giant puppets will tour Liverpool for three days from April 20.

They will tell the story of a little girl from the city who is looking for her father, who was on the Titanic, and her reunion with her uncle.

Director Jean-Luc Courcoult hopes the event will create civic pride. At a press conference today, he said:"It's important the people of the city have roots belonging to the past."

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