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Statement from the CPS on the cellar slave case

Ilyas Ashar and Tallat Ahsar Credit: PA

Ian Rushton, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS North West said:

“Ilyas and Tallat Ashar have been sentenced today for their part in the terrible abuse inflicted on a very vulnerable young victim.

They brought her into this country to use her as forced labour, ill-treated her and with the help of their daughter exploited her financially by fraudulently claiming benefits.

Worst of all she was repeatedly raped by Ilyas Ashar over a number of years.

We have been determined to bring them to justice for this catalogue of abuse.

“At the start of the police enquiry she was uniquely vulnerable, profoundly deaf and unable to speak, with no formal sign language through which to communicate and no family or friends to turn to.

“She had considerable special needs because of her disability and communication difficulties and the main priority for us and the police in this case was to arrange specialist support for her so that she could have access to justice and participate effectively in the criminal justice process.

To allow her story to be told an intermediary and a sign language expert helped her to communicate in court.

“Despite her terrible ordeal the victim is now making great progress in life generally, and she has shown immense courage and resilience.

She is now free from the abuse that she suffered at the hands of Ilyas and Tallat Ashar and today they are facing up to the consequences of their actions as they begin substantial prison sentences.”


Cellar girl was ''Miss Courageous'' says prosecuting barrister

Peter Cadwallader, prosecuting, told the court the victim could not be named because she is a victim of sexual offences.

But he said an appropriate name would be "Miss Courageous" - after spending 34 days in total being cross-examined by the Ashars' lawyers during legal proceedings.

"She is a remarkable young woman. A young woman with great fortitude, courage and extraordinary resilience, not only in coming to terms with the treatment she received at the hands of Mr and Mrs Ashar, but also the way she stood up in court," he said.

"She was physically abused, sexually abused by Ilyas Ashar - that included being raped by him."

"She had no choice over her life; where she lived, what she did, where she slept.

"She knew nothing else."

– Peter Cadwallader, prosecuting

Judge's comments at end of cellar slave case

Ilyas Ashar Credit: Greater Manchester Police

Passing sentence Judge Peter Lakin said: "You Ilyas Ashar and you Tallat Ashar did not treat this girl as a human being.

"To you she was merely an object to be used, abused and cast aside at will.

"You took full advantage of her extreme vulnerability.

"You exploited her physically, you exploited her mentally and you exploited her economically.

"There was throughout a distasteful undercurrent of violence and intimidation.

"All that she had in her life was the love of her family and her own human dignity. You two took that away from her. You consigned her to a life of misery and degradation.

"Throughout these proceedings not one of you have shown any remorse.''


Salford man to be sentenced for raping girl he kept as slave

Ilyas Ashar and Tallat Ahsar Credit: GMP

A man from Salford who repeatedly raped a deaf and mute girl he trafficked from Pakistan will be sentenced today.

Ilyas Ashar, 84, kept the girl as a slave and forced her to sleep in a cellar at his house in Eccles.

His wife Tallat Ahsar, 68, will be sentenced for trafficking and benefit fraud.

Their daughter Faaiza Ashar, 46, will also be sentenced for benefit fraud.

Pledge to end 'modern slavery'

The Home Secretary has pledged to tackle what she's described as the scourge of modern slavery. Its after a young girl was trafficked into this country and repeatedly raped while under the control of a family in Salford. The girl who is deaf and cannot speak is now 20.

But it's thought she may have been as young as 10 when she was brought to this country from Pakistan and forced to live in a cellar. The victim's hidden life was uncovered by chance as part of a Salford trading standards investigation into counterfeit goods. Elaine Willcox reports:

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