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Biker narrowly misses car and falls 40ft off cliff

A biker from Knutsford has released a video of an extremely near miss on the Cat and Fiddle near Macclesfield.

Jack Sanderson fell 40ft down the cliff after coming off his bike in February. He posted the video on YouTube and it's had around 60,000 hits.

Jack said: "I was going round the corner and I was going wider and wider and wider. When I saw the first bit of the car I knew I was in trouble. I chose to go off the cliff, rather than hit the car - it was the best thing I could do. I thought that was me dead.

"I opened my eyes at the bottom of the hill and everything was black and white.

"It's amazing how many people have seen the video. I put it on there as a warning to others as much as anything. I'm a good rider and we often think we are better than we are. If you are going to be stupid things like this will happen.

"I always have a camera on my head, it's just for fun but also there if anything happens."