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Heart attack prompted sweethearts to tie the knot

Kathleen and Philip on their wedding day Credit: MEN Syndication

A man married his partner of 25 years the very next day after suffering a heart attack.

Philip Pickrick, 82, from Hazel Grove, Stockport, was rushed to Stepping Hill Hospital on June 14.

After doctors told him he had suffered a heart attack he proposed to girlfriend Kathleen Geering, 81, and they decided to tie the knot as soon as possible.

They told staff on the coronary care ward and the hospital chaplains organised registrars to visit and carry out the ceremony.

Since then Philip’s condition has improved. He was first moved to a non-emergency ward and this week he returned to the couple’s home.

“I’d like to thank the staff at the hospital twice over. First for the brilliant care they’ve given Philip after his heart attack, and secondly for helping us organise the wedding at such short notice."

– Kathleen Geering

“It was a real pleasure for us to help organise the wedding ceremony for Philip and Kathleen. And it was even more of a pleasure to see Philip leave the ward on the way to recovery."

– Helen Sherwood, a sister on the coronary care unit
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Nurse's book showing life on the wards during WW1

A book of sketches and poems collected by a nurse at Stockport's Stepping Hill Hospital provides a fascinating insight into life on the wards caring for injured soldiers.

Mary Hicks started an autograph book in 1906 but it was soon filled by messages from soldiers right across the country who'd been sent there from the front line.

The hospital tracked down Mary's granddaughter in Poynton in Cheshire after her book was discovered in a second hand bookshop in Cornwall.


Nurse's book opens window on the past

Stepping Hill Nurse Mary Hicks with her four sons Credit: ITV Granada

A book of sketches and poems collected by a nurse at Stockport's Stepping Hill Hospital during the First World War has been discovered.

Mary Hicks began the 'autograph book' in 1906 but most of the entries are from wounded soldiers she cared for, when the site became a military hospital in 1914.

Soldiers sketches from Mary Hicks autograph book Credit: ITV Granada

The book was discovered in a second hand store in Cornwall and hospital staff turned detective to find the nurses relatives.

Sketch of Nurse Hicks caring for injured soldier Credit: ITV Granada

Nurse Hicks' granddaughter Sally-Anne Bromley was living just four miles away in Cheshire.

'I'm thrilled this is a new chapter in our family history. It is clear from the book her patients must have found her caring and great company to write so many messages. We are overwhelmed to read it.'

A Sketch of an 'Orderly' at Stepping Hill Hospital Credit: ITV Granada