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Family claims Tameside Hospital is still failing to learn lessons in care

The family of a woman who suffered bruising at Tameside Hospital say they are still failing to learn vital lessons in care.

Lisa Evans says she was told her mother Marguerita Evans had ‘slipped’ while being moved from a bed to a wheelchair by a nursing auxiliary.

The incident comes just 10 months after the 76-year-old, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, was left on a trolley in a corridor at the same hospital.

Tameside Hospital said they're investigating the incident.

Hospital apology. It 'let down' former worker who broke leg

Margaret Rowbotham broke leg at Tameside Hospital Credit: ITV Granada Reports

A retired nursing assistant says she has been badly let down by the hospital she worked for for over 30 years. Margaret Rowbotham from Manchester was taken into Tameside Hospital with a fractured ankle, but ended up breaking her leg in two places when they dropped her during a routine lift.

The hospital's apologised and are in the process of sorting compensation, but Margaret says no amount of money will make up for her loss of independence.

Margaret Rowbotham says she was 'let down' Credit: ITV Granada Reports



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Tameside trust says it's 'turned a corner'

"We are making significant improvements".

That's the message from Karen James, Interim Chief Executive, Tameside General Hospital in response to a critical report by CQC inspectors who found the trust was still failing to meet 8 out of 11 key national standards.

The Trust says it has already started recruiting 60 nurses and compassion is at the heart of what they do.

Tameside Hospital Trust respond to inspection report

Karen James, Interim Chief Executive said:

“This visit by CQC inspectors took place in January which was 5 months into our improvement programme.

We accept we are on a journey to deliver a first class health service and therefore it is very encouraging to note that the inspectors found our improvements to patient services were happening across the hospital and are making a positive difference.

Most of the 150 patients, relatives, carers and staff the Inspector spoke with described our improvements as being positive and observed our staff to be caring, friendly and courteous.

Our service improvement programme addresses the issues raised by the Inspectors and includes safeguarding vulnerable adults in our care, additional training for staff and recruiting 60 additional nursing staff to further improve quality and care across the hospital.

We continue to work hard to make further improvements in patient care so we consistently deliver a high standard of care to all of our patients and take this report and all patient feedback very seriously.

We continually seek feedback from patients and their relatives to ensure we continue to make the necessary progress and deliver high levels of care”.

Inspectors find 'serious shortfalls' at Tameside hospital

The NHS watchdog has identified a number of failings at Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

The concerns identified by inspectors would normally lead to CQC taking enforcement action against the Trust. However, Tameside Hospital is currently in Special Measures.

Last year the chief executive Chrisitine Green resigned following a several critical reports and claims a she presided over a "prevailing culture of failure".

However, earlier this year a report by Monitor the regulator for health services commended Tameside Hospital NHS Trust for making "exceptional progress' on their road to delivering better and safer treatment to patients.

Although we were pleased to find improvement in some areas since our last inspection, our inspectors found a number of serious shortfalls against national standards.

We have told the Trust where further improvements must be made to ensure patients and their families receive the service they are entitled to expect.

We will return shortly to check that the necessary changes have been made and can be sustained for the future.

As this Trust is currently in Special Measures and already subject to enforcement action by Monitor, we have also shared the findings of our inspection with Monitor and asked them to ensure the concerns we have identified are addressed as part of their overall improvement programme for the Trust.”

– Malcolm Bower-Brown, CQC North
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