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Naked man seen running through town centre tasered by police

The man was taken to hospital for assessment on Sunday evening. Credit: MEN Media

A naked man seen running through the centre of Ashton-under-Lyne has been tasered by police.

The man, whose age is unknown, was spotted by a number of witnesses near Stamford Street Central at around 9.50am on Sunday morning.

He was said to be running through the town centre, Ashton Market and nearby streets.

Police were called and a number of officers were filmed by onlookers in a car park, beside the A6043 Ashton Bypass, taking the man to the ground and putting his hands behind his back.

Two officers were filmed restraining the individual, while a third officer stands nearby having apparently deployed the stun device.

The incident took place outside a carpet warehouse, close to Henrietta Street Car Park and around 80 metres from Ashton Market.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman later confirmed they received reports of a naked man, officers were sent to the scene and a man was detained after a ‘Taser was deployed’.

The man was then taken to hospital where he remained for assessment on Sunday evening, the spokesman said.


Taser in Jordon Begley case 'inappropriate' says jury

A jury has decided the use of a taser against 23 year old factory worker Jordon Begley was 'inappropriate' and contributed to his death by cardiac arrest.

  1. Matt O'Donoghue

Jordon Begley's death leads to national taser inquiry

The death of a man who was shot by a Greater Manchester Police taser has led to a national inquiry into the safety of stun guns. 23 year old Jordan Begley was unarmed when he was hit by 50 thousand volts after a disturbance at his family home two years ago. Now, the National Police Chiefs Council is calling on the Government for an independent review into the use of tasers.

Chief Constable Fahy defends police use of Tasers

The Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, Sir Peter Fahy has defended the use of tasers by British police.

It comes as Police chiefs call for a safety review of tasers following the verdict in the inquest of Jordan Begley from Manchester.

Sir Peter Fahy says the record of British Police in terms of force is "remarkable."

There's always more we can learn. All my officers know that we act with restraint and that for any officer, their best weapon is their mouth

– Chief Constable of GMP, Sir Peter Fahy


Police chiefs call for Taser safety review

Jordan Begley

The National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) has called for an independent body to look in detail at the medical evidence and to decide if safety advice on tasers should be changed in light of the death of Jordan Begley and the Home Office's statistics on taser use.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, the NPCC's lead on less-lethal weapons, said the verdict "raises some concern about the use of Taser".

He said:

I will be asking the Surgeon General - along with the Home Office - to refer the detailed medical evidence in this case to an independent body in order that they can determine if it is necessary to amend their advice of the safety of this weapon. Their conclusions will be published."

Officers who take the decision to fire the weapon do so in the knowledge that their often split second decision to use force will be judged in detail with the benefit of hindsight over potentially many years and through multiple investigations.

“Officers will not necessarily know the background or health of the person they are confronting, but they must deal with the immediate threat first.

What is important is that if Taser has to be fired to deal with the threat, that officers provide appropriate after care to the subject and are trained to deal with any medical emergency that may follow.

– Neil Basu, National Police Chiefs Council

Taser use by police up 50 per cent

Jordan Begley

The use of Tasers by police has soared by 50% in the past five years, figures have revealed.

But deployments of the controversial stun gun have marginally dipped this year, for the first time since at least 2010.

The figures come days after a jury found that a police officer's use of a 50,000-voltTaser contributed to the death of factory worker Jordon Begley, 23, while he was being restrained.

The landmark verdict is believed to be the first time a UK jury has found a Taser contributed to a death, and has raised fresh questions about use of the weapon.

Figures show Tasers were used 10,062 times last year, up from 6,649 in 2010 but marginally down from 10,380 in 2013.

Officers used the highest "fired" setting, which sends an electric shock which incapacitates the victim, 1,724 times last year.

The stun setting, which sends out painful shocks, was used 256 times.

Policemen who used taser on Jordon Begley put on restricted duties

PC Terence Donnelly has been put on restricted duties after an inquiry found his use of a Taser on Jordon Begley was "inappropriate" Credit: MEN Syndication

The police officers involved in the Jordon Begley case have been put on restricted duties after an inquest ruled they were "more concerned with their own welfare" than the man they had tasered. . Jordon Begley was shot with the 50,000 volt stun gun and hit with “distraction strikes” while being restrained and handcuffed by three armed officers from Greater Manchester Police (GMP). He died in hospital about two hours later.

While the initial Taser shock did not cause his heart to stop, the jury concluded that the use of the Taser and the restraint “more than materially contributed” to a “package” of stressful factors leading to Mr Begley’s fatal cardiac arrest, the inquest at Manchester Civil Courts of Justice heard.

In damning conclusions, the jury also said the officer who pulled the trigger, PC Terence Donnelly, inappropriately and unreasonably used the stun gun for longer than was necessary.

Mr Begley’s family now intend to sue GMP after the incident at the family home in Gorton.

  1. Matt O'Donoghue

Special report: The use of Taser in the UK and USA

In this special report Matt O'Donoghue visits the home of Taser in Arizona. They are the manufacturers of the stun gun used in the case of Jordon Begley.

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