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Families await verdict in Chua case


Stepping Hill nurse to be sentenced.

A nurse will be sentenced later for killing patients and poisoning others at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport. Victorino Chua injected insulin into saline bags and ampoules while working on two wards in June and July 2011. The 49-year-old was convicted of murdering two patients but cleared of a third murder by the jury at Manchester Crown Court.

Greater Manchester's Chief Constable, Sir Peter Fahy praised the detectives who worked on the case and said catching Chua required an extensive and thorough investigation.

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'Evil Angel' killer nurse to be sentenced

Killer nurse Victorino Chua is facing life in jail when he is sentenced today for poisoning and murdering patients.

Nurse Victorino Chua was found guilty of murdering and poisoning hospital patients yesterday. Credit: PA Wire

Filipino Chua, 49, described as a narcissistic psychopath by detectives, was convicted of murdering two patients and poisoning 19 others with insulin by a jury at Manchester Crown Court yesterday following a three month trial.

Tracey Arden, 44 and Alfred Weaver, 83, died while a third person, Grant Misell, 41, was left brain damaged.

His victims' loved ones are expected to be in court as Chua is sentenced to a minimum of two mandatory life sentences for the murders.

Hospital boss says procedures have tightened up

The Chief Executive of Stockport NHS trust is Ann Barnes. She spoke to Granada Reports presenter, Lucy Meacock and started by giving her reaction to the guilty verdicts.

Nurse guilty of poisoning and murdering patients

A nurse has been found guilty of murdering two patients and poisoning others at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport.

Victorino Chua injected insulin into saline bags while working on the wards in 2011.

Police say there are now doubts over his nursing qualifications from the Philippines.


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Killer nurse told police 'no comment' during interviews

Victorino Chua was trusted to care for his patients. Instead he murdered two of them and deliberately poisoned 20 more.

Chua injected fatal levels of insulin into saline drips, which were hooked up to patients by him and by unwitting colleagues.

Today, a court found him guilty - but his motives remain a mystery.

ITV News North of England Correspondent Damon Green reports:

Chief Constable praises nursing staff who continued to care for patients while under suspicion

Sir Peter Fahy has condemned the actions of Victorino Chua the nurse found guilty of murder and poisoning patients at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport. He also paid tribute to the other nursing staff who continued to care for patients during a period of enormous strain with suspicion laying over them.

WATCH: Weaver family speak out

The poisoning of patients at Stepping Hill left their families in terrible distress. They wanted to know how it could happen and why a nurse who should have been caring for patients would try to harm them.

Many of the relatives are reluctant to talk about such painful events. But the sisters of 83 year old Derek Weaver gave an exclusive interview to our correspondent Amy Welch.

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Police apologise to nurse arrested over Stepping Hill deaths

Sir Peter Fahy, chief constable of Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has apologised to nurse Rebecca Leighton, who was initially arrested in the investigation, while Victorino Chua, who has been found guilty today, kept his silence.

Rebecca Leighton Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

We are very sorry that Rebecca Leighton ended up spending some time in prison. It showed to some degree the amount of pressure everyone was under, not just the police, the hospital, Crown Prosecution Service, to try and make progress in the case, and we are sorry this happened.

He was quite happy to stand by while she suffered the consequences.

– Sir Peter Fahy
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