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Police to "review information" received during trial of William Roache

Police are to review information they received from "a number of other people" during the trial of Coronation Street star William Roache, who was cleared of historic sex offences against five women.

Lancashire Police said they had been contacted with "further information", but said there is "no current investigation".

During the course of the trial of Mr Roache, a number of other people have contacted the police with further information.

"This information will be reviewed to ascertain what action, if any, needs to be taken in relation to it.

"Mr Roache was acquitted of all the charges in the trial and there is no current investigation."

– Lancashire Police

Mr Roache, 81, was found not guilty by a jury of two counts of rape and four counts of indecent assault following a four-week trial at Preston Crown Court.


Coronation Street co -star: Roache should be knighted, not attacked

Amanda Barrie on William Roache Credit: ITV Daybreak

Former Coronation Street star Amanda Barrie has spoken out after the acquittal of her co-star and friend William Roache.

Amanda, who played Alma Baldwin in Coronation Street, calls the rape and indecent assault charges, of which he was cleared, 'absolutely ridiculous'.

In an interview with ITV Daybreak, she said: "He was the epitome of the English gentleman."


Roache family's day in court as not guilty verdicts delivered

Roache family arrive at Preston Crown Court this morning Credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire/Press Association Images
Relief as Roache family leave Preston Crown Court Credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire/Press Association Images
William Roache speaks to media outside Preston Crown Court Credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Lancashire Police issue statement on Roache acquittal

Lancashire Police has released a statement following the acquittal of Coronation Street actor William Roache.

Mr Roache was cleared of two counts of rape and four counts of indecent assault.

The statement said:

These very serious allegations were thoroughly and professionally investigated by a team of specialist detectives.

Lancashire Constabulary worked closely with the Crown Prosecution Service from an early stage, and all the evidence was subjected to careful scrutiny before a decision was taken to charge, in the belief that there was sufficient evidence to justify a realistic prospect of conviction.

The jury has had an opportunity over the course of the trial to hear and fully consider the evidence presented by both the prosecution and the defence.

We entirely respect the verdict reached by the jury today; the burden of proof in our system is quite rightly very high and we thank them for considering this matter so carefully.

The Constabulary remain committed to investigating allegations of this nature, no matter how historic, and would encourage anyone who has been a victim of a sexual offence to come forward safe in the knowledge that they will be treated sensitively and professionally.

Coronation stars give their reaction to William Roache being cleared of rape and sexual assault

Charlie Condou, who plays Marcus Dent in Coronation Street, wrote online: "So glad and relieved the right verdict was reached. Look forward to seeing Bill back at work." Vicky Entwistle - the programme's Janice Battersby - said she and her husband Andrew Chapman were pleased with the verdict.

"Andy and I (are) elated to hear the wonderful news that William Roache has been cleared of all charges. We have a very happy house," she wrote on Twitter.

Kate Ford, who has played his on-screen stepdaughter Tracy Barlow for many years, said simply: "Yay!"

Chris Bisson, known to viewers for his role as Vikram Desai, said he was "glad to hear that Bill Roache was cleared unanimously by the jury".

And Bruno Langley (the show's Todd Grimshaw) said on Twitter: "Go on Bill."

William Roache's statement outside court

I would like to thank all those who have supported me during this situation. First and foremost ITV Granada. I thank them for their loyalty and support all the way through.

I would like to thank my management Champions UK without whom this would not have been possible and in particular John Hayes who has shown himself to be so much more than just a good friend. "I would like to thank my legal team and of course my family who you have seen.

I would like to thank my colleagues & friends, all those people who I don't even know who have sent me great support. I would like to thank James and the Circle of Love for their love and energy that has brought me to this place and this time and I look forward to being with them on Friday night.

"I have just got one thing to say, in these situations there are no winners and I think we should all be much kinder to ourselves. Now if you excuse me I would like to get back to work."

– William Roache, Actor
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