Liquid nitrogen cocktail warning

An 18-year-old girl from Heysham in Lancashire is seriously ill in hospital after drinking a cocktail made with liquid nitrogen in Lancaster.

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Warning over liquid nitrogen cocktails

Gaby Scanlon's stomach had to be removed to save her life Credit: Twitter

Pubs and restaurants are being warned not to sell liquid nitrogen after an 18-year-old girl almost died.

Gaby Scanlon from Heysham is seriously ill in hospital after surgery to remove her stomach. She had drunk a liquid nitrogen cocktail at a bar in Lancaster.

Prof John Ashton, a public health expert based in Cumbria, warned of the dangers of drinking the super-chilled cocktails.

He said: "It's extremely dangerous. You've got alcohol, which in itself is dangerous, we've got liquid nitrogen which is a dangerous chemical.

"People should not be fooling around with these sorts of things."

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