Duck Tour sinking caused by not enough foam

The incidents one in Liverpool in June and one on the River Thames in London in September - resulted in passengers, including small children, going into the water. In the case of the Liverpool sinking, insufficient foam had been inserted into the DUKW.

"The sinking of Wacker Quacker 1 in Salthouse Dock, Liverpool, and the fire on board Cleopatra on the River Thames were serious marine accidents involving WW2 DUKW amphibious vehicles that had been modified for use as sightseeing tour vehicles.

"Both accidents resulted in the rapid abandonment into the water of passengers, including small children, and crew. It was extremely fortunate that, on both occasions, there were no serious injuries or loss of life."

– Chief Marine Accident Inspector, Capt Steve Clinch

The Liverpool incident on June 15 resulted in 31 passengers and two crewmen abandoning the vessel and going into the water. All were recovered without serious injury.