Adnan Januzaj 'wants to play for England'

Januzaj could qualify for England in 2016 Credit: PA

Manchester United's Adnan Januzaj has reportedly told friends he wants to play for England.

Januzaj, 18, was born in Belgium but is eligible to play for Albania, Turkey, Serbia or Kosovo — if they are granted recognition by FIFA.

But under FIFA residency rules he could qualify for England in 2016.

"Adnan feels at home in England now," a friend told The Sun.

"He loves the football over here, the stadiums and the passion of the fans. He has already knocked back an approach from Belgium and does not regret it.

"He's happy to wait until he can play for England. The only obstacle is his father, he is a major influence in his life and career and Adnan knows the decision will ultimately be taken by his old man."