Don't risk your life near water - Manchester Police

FIREFIGHTERS and police divers are joining forces today to show the public how dangerous canals can be in the city centre.

There have been five incidents in the last month.

"In these temperatures water is incredibly dangerous, even if you're a strong swimmer your muscles seize up in the cold and you can drown.

We've rescued people stuck in mud, on canal locks with broken bones and tragically in some cases the people we've pulled from the water haven't survived.

If you're drunk and want to get home don't take a shortcut along a canal - you could be cutting your life short."

– Andy Heywood Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue

"We need people to help us by taking some personal responsibility and looking after themselves and their friends, especially on a night out.

"No police officer wants to have to knock on the door and tell somebody their loved one has been found in such tragic circumstances so please respect the water and take care when walking by the canal."

– Chief Insp Gareth Parkin Greater Manchester Police

"While the emergency services do a brilliant job, people can drown very quickly if they fall into cold water. If you've had a drink, there's always a better way of getting home than a short cut along a canal. Nothing is worth taking that risk for."

– Councillor Pat Karney City Centre Spokesman