Making Minecraft Real - New Liverpool Exhibition

Minecraft exhibition

A new exhibition in Liverpool shows how the popular fantasy game Minecraft can be a powerful classroom learning tool. Cloudmaker: Making Minecraft Real is a project developed by FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) and Liverpool John Moores University School of Art and Design

Cloudmaker brings child-friendly language of the game into the classroom to help young people develop skills in coding, programming, co-design and collaboration. It can be used as a tool across all areas of the curriculum to encourage problem-solving

Artists and developers at Liverpool's Studio School helped create a rich set of materials and demonstrations.They learnt about the design process using 3D printing, Minecraft and programming to consider how to redevelop disused buildings and land near their school.

Visitors will see the results, give feedback and creating real-life models of Minecraft objects, create their own smart cards with a personalised Minecraft ‘skin’ , pass messages between real world objects and Minecraft and interact with the game through 3D printed models.

Minecraft, is a fantasy adventure game where players create intricate worlds out of Lego-style blocks, and has sold over 33 million copies worldwide.