Lee Rigby murder 'could not have prevented', report rules

Intelligence agencies could not prevent the murder of soldier Lee Rigby despite his killers featuring in a total of seven error-filled operations before the attack, a parliamentary watchdog has found.

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CAGE: Rigby report ignores 'core' issues behind attack

The human rights campaign group, CAGE, say the Intelligence and Security Committee Report into the killing of Lee Rigby ignores 'the core issue behind the tragedy'.

The group say the enquiry has not dealt with the issue of Michael Adebolajo's 'harassment by security services' while in the UK, and his torture in Kenya, which CAGE say took place with their full knowledge.

The Woolwich enquiry shifts the spotlight by placing the blame at the door of internet service providers.

This is a clear excuse for security agencies to pressure companies to allow closer monitoring of social media sites and other websites. It is a direct threat to British civil liberties.

Adebolajo’s pleas for help in the wake of being tortured by Kenyan police, and on his return to the UK where he was subsequently harassed by MI5 to be an informant, despite his continual refusals, were ignored by British officials and directly resulted in his alienation from society.

– CAGE, human rights pressure group

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