Mayor hints at Giants comeback

The Giants generated millions for Liverpool's economy Credit: ITV NEWS

Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson has hinted that the much celebrated 'Giants' might be returning to the streets of Liverpool.

According to the Liverpool Echo Mr Anderson said he was holding talks with Jean Luc Courcoult, the director of Royal de Luxe, the French theatre company that created the giant marionettes.

The hugely successful giants have already come twice to Liverpool, first in 2012 to commemorate the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic and again in 2014 for the 100th anniversary of the start of World War One.

It is thought that their return may be planed for 2016 to celebrate the 100 years since the battle of the Somme.

The Giants have been a huge boost to Liverpool's economy, it is thought that their visit in 2014 generated close to £50m.

We will be looking at how we could finance that there. It is important that we get the private sector to help us deliver that if that is what they want, because it was fantastic for the city

– Mayor Joe Anderson speaking to the Liverpool Echo