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Fire Service advice for those driving in the snow

Bright sunshine and ice are a deadly combination for drivers.

Now Cheshire firefighters are urging motorists to take even more care in the wintry weather.

It follows two collisions in the Macclesfield area.

Here are a few checks that you can do, to make sure your car is ready for winter:

  • Keep the lights, windows and mirrors clean and free from ice and snow
  • Make sure wipers and lights are in good working order
  • Add anti-freeze to the radiator and winter additive to the windscreen washer bottles
  • Check that tyres have plenty of tread depth and are maintained at the correct pressure
  • Pack a snow/ice scraper, de-icer, snow shovel, hat, gloves, boots, a torch, bottle of water and a first aid kit. For longer journeys, you should take blankets, a snack and a flask of warm drink.
  • Wash the car frequently to get rid of the salt and dirt that builds up over the winter.
  • Always keep a full tank of fuel - you never know when you might get delayed.
  • Don't use water to defrost the windows.
Snowy driving conditions can be treacherous. Credit: Press Association.

Driving tips during bad weather:

  • Slowing down
  • Keeping a greater distance between yourself and the vehicle in front - increase the 2 second rule to 4 seconds or even more
  • Setting aside extra time to complete your journey
  • Keep your mobile fully charged.
  • On colder days be particularly careful on tree lined roads - the trees prevent the sun's warmth from reaching the road, which may still be icy when all around has thawed.
Take care when driving in snowy and icy conditions.

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