Inquests into the deaths of 96 victims of Hillsborough disaster

The jury at the new inquests into the Hillsborough disaster is expected to deliver its verdict on Tuesday, after sitting for more than two years.

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Hillsborough: Sergeant denies ordering exit gate open

Credit: PA

A police sergeant has denied giving an instruction to open an exit gate, allowing thousands of Liverpool fans into Hillsborough.

John Morgan, who was in the vicinity of gate C seconds before it was opened, said he did ask officers nearby about opening the gate to allow through a small number of spectators who had been rescued from the crush outside the turnstiles.

The inquests have previously heard that Superintendent Roger Marshall decided the exit gates should be opened to alleviate a crush at the turnstiles and radioed the control room asking for permission.

The jury heard today that officers from Operation Resolve are investigating speech on a tape which appears to have recorded the order "Open the gates at Leppings Lane" at about 2.51 or 2.52pm.

Lawyers representing some of the bereaved families suggested it would have been about 90 seconds before the opening and Mr Morgan agreed it would fit with the order coming from the control box.

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